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Can I Buy a Seat For My Dog On an Airplane? Here’s The Truth!

Can I Buy a Seat For My Dog On an Airplane?

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So you are traveling by plane. You don’t wanna leave your dog back home alone, and you don’t want him/her in the cargo area?
I totally understand that. Dogs are part of the family and should be allowed to travel like family. Flying with your baby in the cabin is also way safer than cargo.

The quick answer to your question is: Unfortunately no, you can’t buy a seat for your dog next to you in the cabin.

Airline companies don’t allow the booking of an extra seat for pets. Some people book a second seat with a fake name, but that’s very risky.

Seats are reserved for humans. There may be exceptions, I have never heard of and couldn’t find anywhere.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your dog with you. You can still have your baby with you on the plane. It’s just not on a separate seat.

All major US airlines allow you to bring your dog in-cabin. You’ll be able to have your dog next to your feet during the trip for an extra fee.

Which is still way better than having your baby in cargo.

Can I Buy a Seat for My Dog on American Airlines?

American Airlines is one of the biggest US airline companies. It sets the trends when it comes to air travel.
Unfortunately; AA doesn’t allow the purchase of a separate seat for your dog or pet.

You’ll have to go with their carry-on option.

Which Airlines Allow Dogs To Travel in Cabin?

Fortunately, most major US airlines allow in-cabin dog travel.

If you are traveling with any of the major US airline companies, you’ll be able to take your baby with you in the cabin.
Regional airlines are a bit different. You’ll have to call them for more information.

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At the bottom of the article, you’ll find a table with major US airlines with their phone numbers and dog policy information.

Most, if not all, of these airlines, have some rules you’ll have to follow before you can get on the airplane.

What Are The Rules To Travel With My Dog InCabin?

There are many rules every dog mom/dad traveling with a dog by plane must know. These rules are almost the same across all companies. They vary slightly from one to another.

Your Dog Must be Inside a Carrier

Most airlines require your dog to be inside a carrier before boarding. There may be airlines that allow your dog to be free, but these are the exceptions. The norm is your dog should be in a kennel.
Your dog will have also to stay inside their crate all the trip.

You should get an airline-approved carrier if you are planning to travel by plane.

It should be big enough for the dog to sit and turn around in, but not so big that you find it hard to put it next to your feet.

Your Dog Must Be Vaccinated

You’ll be asked for vaccination proof for your dog. This is mostly for the rabies vaccine. You’ll have to provide proof your baby got his vaccine against rabies. I know you don’t mind that.

Your Dog’s Weight Must not Exceed the Maximum Weight

Some companies set a maximum weight for your dog to be able to travel with them.

Alaska Airlines, for instance, has a 150 lb limit. Others have different weights you can find them in the table below.

If they don’t mention it, you should call them and ask before booking.

The weight includes the dog’s weight plus the carrier. Thus, the lighter the carrier the better.

Your dog Shouldn’t Be on The List of Banned Breeds

Some airlines have a list of banned breeds in-cabin.
For instance, Pit Bull breed dogs aren’t allowed in cabins for United.

If you are traveling with a Pit Bull, United is not for you. You have to find another airline.
Other airlines have their own lists. You should check the Pet Policy page, and let the airline know, by phone, what breed your dog is before booking.

You Must Book in Advance By Phone

Although some companies now allow you to book a flight with a pet online, it is highly recommended to only book by phone if you are traveling with your dog.

You need a human being to talk to, who’s ready to answer your questions.

Make sure to provide all the details about your dog to the reservation agent. And ask any questions you have.

Do I Need Any Documents to Fly My Dog in The Cabin?

Yes. You’ll need some papers before you can take your dog on a plane. Think of it as a dog passport. You big boy/girl need their passport to travel.
All of the airline companies will ask you for proof of your dog’s vaccination.

You will have to provide the document if you want to fly with your dog.
Some will require a health certificate (different from vaccination) that proves your dog is free of any infectious diseases that could spread to other animals.

You get this paper from your veterinarian.
Even if it’s not mentioned on the airline’s website, you should get it just in case.

Pay your vet a visit and tell him you are traveling by plane. He probably dealt with this scenario many times before. He’ll know what you need exactly.

Can I Travel With My Big Dog in Cabin?

It depends. Airline companies don’t decide by big/small as we do. Instead, they have a maximum weight your dog shouldn’t exceed.

They also decide on the carrier’s size.
Instead of thinking of your dog as big or small, you should instead have him/her weighted. You should also measure the size of the kennel.
With these details, the company will decide if your dog will be allowed.
If your big dog is within the weight and size limits, then yes you can travel with your big dog in the cabin.

Can I Travel With My Puppy in Cabin?

Again, it depends on the age of the puppy.
If the puppy is older than 8 weeks, then yes, you can travel with your puppy next to you in the cabin. Most US airlines have an 8 weeks minimum. Others have 12 weeks.


Unfortunately, you can’t buy a separate seat for your dog on an airplane.
However, you can still bring your dog next to you on an airplane with most US airlines.

It’ll cost you a fee. And you’ll have to follow some rules put in by every airline. All these rules and requirements can be found on the company’s Pets Policy page.

What I want you to remember the most from this article is:

  1. Make sure you book by phone and not online. Call your airline company and ask about everything first. Let them know about your dog. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.
  2. Read the Pets Policy page thoroughly (you’ll find the link below) before choosing a company.

Here is a table of major US airlines that allow dogs in the cabin, with the pet fee (per kennel), maximum weight (total), and the phone number to book:

AirlineDog AllowedFeesMax WeightPhone Number
Alaska Airlines Yes$100150 lbs800-252-7522
American AirlinesYes$12520 lbs800-433-7300
Allegiant AirYes$50n/a702-505-8888
Delta Air LinesYes$125n/a800-221-1212
Frontier AirlinesYes$99n/a801-401-9000
Hawaiian AirlinesYes$12570 lbs800-367-5320
JetBlue AirwaysYes$10020 lbs(800) 538-2583
Southwest AirlinesYes$95n/a800-435-9792
Spirit AirlinesYes$11040 lbs855-728-3555
United AirlinesYes$125n/a800-864-8331

Bon voyage!

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