Do Corgis Get Along With Other Dogs? Here’s The Truth!

Do Corgis Get Along With Other Dogs?

Corgis are cute and lovely dogs. They bring happiness wherever they go. Owning one is one of the best decisions any dog lover could make.

If you are planning to buy or adopt one, and have other dogs at home, you may be wondering whether Corgis get along well with other dogs or not.

You don’t want your new family member starting trouble with your other fur babies. Do you?

In this article, I’ll help you understand in-depth Corgis personality and answer your question. And as is the case with most questions regarding dogs, the answer can’t be a simple yes or no.

Do Corgis Get Along With Other Dogs?

Yes. Corgis can get along pretty well with other breeds of dogs.

However, it depends on the dog and its upbringing. As I always repeat, dogs are unique individuals just like humans. Every single dog has a different personality.

Early socialization plays a big role in Corgis’ personality. If you adopted a puppy Corgi, then you are okay. You can teach your baby to live in peace with other dogs.

It’ll take some time and effort, but it’s worth it. It’s your baby and you can do it.

Early introduction to other dogs will make a big difference. It will shape your dog’s personality for years to come.

Corgis who have been introduced early, in a healthy way, to other dogs get along very well with other pets later in life.

If your new dog is relatively old and wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy, then you may run into some problems that will require help.

Your Corgi may start barking at other dogs and show some aggressiveness.

Generally speaking, Corgis are friendly dogs, but they may show aggressiveness and start a fight with other pets if they were not properly socialized.

In this scenario, you’ll need professional help.

To avoid this, I recommend adopting, or getting (I hate the word buy), a young puppy and socialize it yourself with your other dogs and pets.

Do Corgis Get Along With Big Dogs?

Big or small, Corgis make no distinction. They get along with all types of dogs if socialized properly.

As long as your Corgi was brought into a healthy environment with different dogs, he’ll get along with almost all pets, no matter their size, later in life.

In fact, the size of your other dogs plays no role in Corgis’ reaction. You shouldn’t worry about the size or the breed.

Instead, you should worry about the other dog’s temperament. If it includes aggressiveness, then you may wanna reconsider getting a new dog.

No matter if it’s a Golden Retriever, a Pitbull, or Rottweiler, Corgis don’t make big of a distinction. They can get along pretty well if, as mentioned above, socialized early in life.

Are Corgis Aggressive?

Generally speaking, the Corgi temperament can be described as playful, friendly, and outgoing.

Aggressiveness isn’t part of their personality. They might get aggressive if they feel threatened, but otherwise, they are one of the most friendly dog breeds out there.

If your Corgi was raised in a good environment, aggressiveness shouldn’t be an issue at all. He’ll definitely develop a healthy relationship with other dog breeds, and even cats.

If you are still planning to get a Corgi, I recommend, first, learning about the breeder as much as you can. The breeder plays an essential role in every dog’s personality.

Avoid, at all cost, breeders known for mistreating, even slightly, dogs. They may seem friendly and good at communication, but that’s not what you should care about.

Be careful. Choose a responsible breeder. Always.

What About Cats?

Unlike what many people think, Corgis get along very well with cats.

Again, early socialization is key. The earlier your puppy is introduced to cats the better.

If the above is done properly, you should be okay. Your Corgi and cat will have a lot of fun.

The only downside of this friendship is the mess they may leave when playing. I hope you don’t mind that.

Can I leave My Corgi With Other Dogs Alone?

Yes. as long as your Corgi gets along well with other dogs in your household. You can leave him alone if you need to.

They are less likely to cause any problem or engage in a fight. They’ll probably just play around and make some chaos.

However, I don’t recommend leaving your dogs alone for a long time. That’s for different reasons. You should keep an eye on your dogs constantly.

What Should I do First After I Get a Puppy Corgi?

There is a lot you should do with your new pup. Socializing should top that list.

It is recommended to expose your puppy to other pets and people as young as possible.

Puppies need to be exposed at an early age to all sounds and smells they’ll meet later in life.

Make sure you do this in a safe and friendly environment that won’t traumatize your puppy. That’s the last thing you want at this point.

Long Story Short:

Yes, Corgis can get along easily with other family dogs. It all comes down to early socialization. That what decides your dog’s personality.

If your dog was properly socialized as a puppy then he should cause no problem with your other dogs. He’ll simply start playing with them and have fun.

If it’s a young puppy aged less than 2 months, then it’s a blank slate. You can teach your new baby whatever you want just like you would do with your human baby.

I recommend introducing your puppy to your other dogs and pets as soon as you get him to your house. Early exposure to all sounds and smells in a safe manner will help your puppy get familiar with the new environment.

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