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Do Corgis Bark a Lot? Here Is What To Expect

Do Corgis Bark a Lot? Here Is What To Expect

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Barking is one of the first concerns for most new dog owners. Can you imagine living with a dog that barks at 3 AM?

New, or old, Corgi owners are no exception. If you just got an adorable Corgi or planning to, you may be wondering Do Corgis Bark a Lot?

It’s a legitimate concern. You should know every aspect of your future, or current, dog before taking the decision to adopt (or buy).

Barking is a very important detail about dogs. Even lore than shedding.

Just like anything related to dogs, the answer is a bit tricky. Keep reading, I’ll answer your question, in detail, based on my personal experience with dogs.

Do Corgis Bark a Lot?

Short answer: Yes, Corgi dogs do bark a lot.

Long answer: well, it depends on many factors. It also depends on your dog’s personality.

Don’t let the short answer trick you into abandoning the idea of getting a cute corgi. They are super adorable and can make your life happier. Short answers are never enough when it comes to dogs. You always need more details and context.

Generally speaking, Corgi dogs are a vocal dog breed. They tend to bark relatively more than other breeds.

Again, dogs are unique individuals. They differ hugely from one to another. Being a vocal dog breed doesn’t mean your baby will bark all day long for no reason.

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Corgis bark for different reasons. The most common reasons are protection, alarm, and boredom.

They bark to protect their territory against intruders, let it be a dog or your friend. They hear anything suspicious, they’ll bark. Look at it as a free alarming system.

Corgis also bark when they are bored and want to play. Boredom is a real issue for Corgis. They can’t stay inactive for a long period.

How Often Do Corgis Bark?

It depends, but if your Corgis is yet a puppy, then expect a lot of barking.

Untrained and young puppies tend to bark a lot, and for all the reasons you can imagine.

Someone knocking on your door? Your corgi will bark. Some random car passing by? He will bark.

It is natural and part of their instinct.

Do Corgis Bark At Night?

Corgis are not supposed to, but some Corgis, like any other dog breed, do unfortunately bark at night.

While barking during the day is normal and expected. Barking at night could be a nightmare…sometimes literally.

Although not very common, some Corgi owners report that their Corgis start barking at night.

There are many reasons why Corgis bark at night. They differ from one dog to another, but they all bowl down to only two reasons: boredom or fear.

Bored Dogs Bark A Lot

Unlike during the day, the main reason why your dog may bark at night is boredom. You are tired, you need some rest, but your baby isn’t. He can’t sleep and needs some activity.

Corgis are hyperactive dogs. They need constant action and activities. When they are forced to stay idle for a long period of time, they start to bark to entertain themselves.

What causes dogs to be bored and bark?

Not Enough Activity During the Day

If your dog didn’t have enough activity during the day, he may start barking at night. As I mentioned above, bored Corgis start to bark for entertainment.

Lack of outdoor activity during the day is the main reason dogs get bored. Corgis, particularly are active dogs. They need more outdoor activities than big dogs.

Enough activity during the day will make sure your dog gets tired and sleep at night like a baby. A tired dog is a calm and happy dog.

If your Corgi barks a lot at night, you should consider outdoor activities. An hour at the park running and playing with other dogs could do wonders for your baby. And he will thank you for it.

Your Dog is Afraid

Another possible reason why your Corgi barks at night is fear. And by fear, I don’t mean necessarily being scared to death, just dogs’ stress.

Dogs do hear sounds we don’t. Sometimes your Corgi will hear sounds at night and get stressed over them. He will react to them by barking.

These sounds are usually suspicious sounds made by cats or cars. Or even other dogs a couple of houses away.

A dog can’t stay calm when he hears sounds coming from outside.

Start by making sure your dog’s bed is away from any window or source of sounds.

How Can I Stop My Corgi From Barking?

Preventing barking all together is almost impossible. It’s a dog’s way of communication. You can’t and you shouldn’t. However, there are ways to control and reduce your dog’s barking, especially at night:


Except for some behaviors that are inherent to them. Dogs are born a blank slate. We can shape most of their behavior and personality through training.

Fortunately, barking patterns are among the things we can control.

You can control your dog’s barking behavior with training. Dogs, and Corgis, in particular, are smart enough to learn when and where they can bark and when not.

Positive reinforcement training is very powerful. It is the best long-lasting solution to any dog-related problem. Understanding your dog’s behavior and teaching him to behave as you want, in a positive way, is the best option for a happy life.

You can either hire a certified dog trainer to do the job, or do it yourself at home if you have enough time and patience.

Dog barking training courses are available online in abundance. They are available as ebooks and videos and affordable.

It’ll take some time of course, but it’ll be spent with your dog. It could be one of the best experiences of your life.

Barking Control

If training is not an option for you for some reason. Ultrasonic barking control devices are there for you.

Ultrasonic anti-barking devices are less cruel than other solutions on the market such as shock collars. Which you should avoid at all prices.

Ultrasonic collars and devices make an annoying ultrasonic, thus the name, sound in a range only the dog can hear.

The collar is usually worn on the dog’s neck. Other devices are available that can be placed anywhere in the house to deter barking.

In theory, whenever your dog barks, the device will emit an unpleasant sound your dog doesn’t like. The dog will then stop barking to prevent hearing that sound. It’s as simple as that.

However, barking deterrents are not recommended according to some experts. They may not be cruel, but they can, in some cases, cause new problems like anxiety, fearfulness, chewing, or frustration. Which you don’t need.


Corgis are a vocal dog breed. They tend to bark more than other breeds for different reasons. But that shouldn’t stop you from adding an adorable Corgi to your family. Your new dog won’t necessarily bark all time. Dogs are different.

But if he does, you should take it easy. There are ways to teach your dog to stop barking. Most barking problems can be fixed with some patience and training.

If the barking is excessive, you should consult a trainer or behaviorist. They’ll understand exactly what makes your dog bark so much.

Do you love your Corgi? Show it! Grab your gift now and help me feed more dogs.

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