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Can German Shepherds Live in Hot Weather? 9 Tips For Summer

Can German Shepherds Live in Hot Weather

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German shepherds are among one of the most famous and loved breed out there.

Even if you don’t know much about dogs, you still would have heard about the German Shepherd.

And now you are looking to adopt this dog for yourself. However, not everyone lives in the same environment, and you are worried about if this lovely creature can live in your environment.

If you are here in search of the answer, can German shepherds live in hot weather? Then yes, they can live in hot weather, but there are certain conditions to meet.

You should keep reading.

We should care for our German Shepherds as they are loving creatures, filled with joy, energy, and love to play.

These loyal fur babies put the life of their owner before their own.

If you plan to adopt or have already adopted a loving animal such as this, some concerns must be troubling you.

I assure you that you are right to have these concerns, especially if you adopt a puppy.

German Shepherds control their body temperature by sweating through their paw pads and panting, which does not make up for their large size. 

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This breed’s puppies are small and do not have as much temperature tolerance as young ones do.

In this article I will tell you everything there is to know about German Shepherds and their heat tolerance.

German Shepherd Temperature Tolerance

German Shepherds have a high tolerance against cold. They can also survive in hot weather, but they need additional care.

They love to play and be engaged in outdoor activities constantly, and so it comes as no surprise that these furry friends like to stay outside.

While German Shepherds are good with hot temperatures, they are still much accustomed to cold weather. So, it is not ideal to leave your dog outside in the heat.

Some people tend to keep their dogs outside of their home, which is not a good idea in the hot season.

German shepherds would be fine outdoors if they have appropriate care.

German Shepherds can become exhausted and suffer from dehydration, a significant cause of concern for any dog lover.

Although the German Shepherd’s double coat helps him stay cool and trap fresh air, it is not ideal to depend on it and give no attention to your dog.

German shepherds are known to be winter animals, and they do not tend to do well in summer.

There are cases where German shepherds have shown signs of being overheated from hot weather. They also have a high heatstroke rate so that heat can be fatal for the German shepherds.

It is better to keep your dog in a moderate, not too hot or cold temperature. Some cases also suggest that German shepherds left in a car have even died due to heat.

German Shepherds Require Special Care

German shepherds are unique animals and require special care.

They differ from other dogs in having two coats and sometimes one coat. The double coat is suitable for every weather, be it cold or hot.

The German shepherds’ inner jacket acts like insulators and keeps the cold air trapped inside it in the hot season while performing opposite duty in the cold season.

The size of the hair on the coat may differ between dogs.

One dog has small hair that looks like they have a single coat, while the other has hair ranging between medium to long length, making it seem like a double or triple coat.

This unique feature of German Shepherds is unlike other dogs.

Can German Shepherds live in Florida?

Yes, German shepherds can live in Florida. 

The low temperature in Florida ranges between 41-degrees Fahrenheit to 16.4-degrees Fahrenheit, suitable for the German shepherd.

And in summer, the temperature ranges between 69.8-degrees Fahrenheit to 77-degrees Fahrenheit, which means that your beloved German shepherd can maintain its moderate weather throughout the year in Florida with a little care.

Florida is warm, and it sees some hot days around the years. This year, Parts of Miami and Florida have seen the temperature rise to 90-degree Fahrenheit.

Can German shepherds live in Arizona?

Yes, German shepherds can live in Arizona. 

The temperature in Arizona is harsher and boasts hot weather compared to Florida all through the year. 

The temperature of Arizona in summer can vary between 89.6-degrees Fahrenheit and 122-degrees Fahrenheit.

The humidity in Arizona is another thing to be concerned about as dogs do not fare well in these extreme weathers.

Arizona’s humid and warm temperature makes the German Shepherd dehydrated and exhausted much quickly, and so extra care is needed.

There are also cases of heatwaves. Recently, due to heatwave in Arizona, the temperature has risen to 109-degrees Fahrenheit.

In the cold season, Arizona’s temperature has a temperature of around 71.6-degrees Fahrenheit, which is relatively higher than Florida. 

However, as aforementioned, the German Shepherds can also bode well in summer, and hence, with a little care, this temperature is suitable for them.

Can German shepherds live in Texas?

Yes, German shepherds can live in Texas. 

Texas’s average temperature is cold, but it varies between 86-degrees Fahrenheit to 96.8-degrees Fahrenheit, and while it is not as high as Arizona, it is still hot.

The German shepherd can fend for itself slightly; however, it is wise to take additional steps to ensure your dog’s well-being.

With that said, Texas is also going through a heatwave. In this heatwave, parts of Texas have seen the temperature rise to 116-degrees Fahrenheit.

Texas’s winter season has a temperature ranging between 46.4 to 64.4-degrees Fahrenheit, which is good for the German shepherd to play and be mischievous.

Can German Shepherds Live in California?

Yes, German shepherds can live in California.

California’s average temperature in summer is 78.8-degrees Fahrenheit, which is relatively friendly and should let the German Shepherd enjoy it with a little care.

While in the winter season, California’s average temperature varies between 9-degree Celsius to 68-degrees Fahrenheit, and it rarely snows there, meaning that California’s weather stays friendly throughout the year.

Steps to take during the heat to keep your dog cool

Now that we have talked about, can German shepherds live in hot weather, here I will discuss about some of the tips and steps you can take in order to prevent your dog from getting hot.

Avoiding your beloved dog from getting overheated is essential.

During the summer season, the dog is at a constant threat of getting a heatstroke, especially for the people who keep their dogs outdoors or have puppies. 

However, there is no need to fear; here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your dog stays cool during the heat:

Staying Indoors

It is natural for the ground and surrounding to get heated when the temperature rises. So, if you have a home with moderate temperature compared to the outside, you can get your dog with you inside the house. While you munch on your snacks and watch TV, you can do so with your dog by your side.

Providing Fresh, Cold Water

As the temperature outdoors can rise drastically and leave your dog dehydrated, it is essential to provide fresh, cold water to your dog to ensure that he stays fresh. Sometimes, the dog also spills his pot of water, and so it can help if you have a non-spill bowl for your dog. Adding ice to the water can also help.

Make Your Dog Sit Under a Shaded Area

As the ground temperature can rise drastically in hot weather and direct sunlight will also take a toll on your furry friend.

It would help if you found a shaded area under a tree or somewhere with cool shade and a cold ground where your dog can sit and rest.

If no shaded area is available. You need to invest in a an umbrella for your back or front yard. They are affordable and can be used for many occasions.

Not Going Out During Peak Heat Hours

When you take care of your dog, you need to make sure that you do not take him out during the peak heat hours, extending from 12 PM to 3 PM.

You can safely take him out for a walk after the sun has started to settle, and the heat has begun to disperse.

Having An Outdoor Pool

Having a cold, shaded ground is good, but it does not ensure that your furry friend is entirely safe from the heat. 

Having an outdoor pool where your beloved animal can take a dip and cool itself is essential in fighting high temperatures.

Do Not Keep Your Dog in the Dog House

Dog houses do not allow the air to pass through it, increasing the dog house’s suffocation and heat. Ensuring that your dog does not go inside the dog house to get a heatstroke will help in the summer heat.

Providing Ample Exercise But in the Morning

Some cases show that dogs can get heatstroke in just 15 minutes, and this time decreases if the dog is not active and has a lot of fat on him. 

Your dog needs to get ample exercise every day to reduce the chances of diseases and heatstroke.

As much as the exercise is essential, you do not want your dog to be exhausted and dehydrated in the middle of the day, and so it is vital to make him exercise in the morning.

This routine will make for a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog.

Frozen treats

Apart from cold water and an outdoor pool, it is vital to have something that can refresh your dog as soon as he takes a bite. The treats come in at this crucial point as you can give your beloved dog some frozen treats that he would love in the summer season.

Taking part in water-based activities

Playing with your buddy in water or taking part in exercises and activities that involve water is also a good idea in getting through a tough summer.

Final Words

After extensive research and contacting different breeders at different places, I have come to write this article. 

In this guide we have talked about weather German shepherds can live in hot weather or not?

I have summarized some of the most frequently asked questions, and I can assure you that no matter where you are from, be it California, Arizona, Texas, or Florida. You can adopt a German Shepherd.

There is no need for any concern, as I have broken down in this article, there are numerous methods that can help you and your furry friend get through some of the most challenging heatwaves unscathed.

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