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Why Is My Rottweiler not Barking? Here’s The Reason Why

Why Is My Rottweiler not Barking? Here's The Reason

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Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and the world. Millions of families include a Rottie as a member just like yours. They are strong, confident, and protective. You may have noticed that your Rottweiler dog is not barking like other dogs you may have owned.

Maybe you are worried why your Rottweiler is not barking. Is he sick? Should I call a vet? Millions of new, and old, owners do ask the same when they first spend time with a Rottweiler and notice he isn’t barking.

Their big bodies give the impression that they’d be barking all the time. While in reality that is totally false and far from being true.

In fact, Rottweilers are a special breed when it comes to barking. They are different from most dog breeds.

I owned a Rottweiler, and I believe I can help you better understand the situation. Please keep reading to understand why your Rottweiler is not barking as much as you expected.

Why Doesn’t My Rottweiler Bark?

What most people seem to be ignorant of is that Rottweilers are not big barkers. They bark relatively less than most other dog breeds. They are not a vocal dog breed in fact.

This is mainly due to their breeding. Rottweilers were not bred for protection as the ultimate goal. As you may already know, they were bred to pull carts for butchers.

Barking wasn’t among the desired traits. Thus, it wasn’t developed as it is the case with other breeds.

Instead of barking, Rottweilers use their big scary bodies and growling to intimidate their enemies when needed. They don’t need to make any loud noises to prove their existence.

In addition, Rottweilers are very confident dogs, they take action only when they have enough reasons to. If not, they will just lay back and enjoy their time.

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Knowing this helps explain why your Rottie baby is not barking a lot like other breeds you may see around you. It’s a Rottweiler thing. Rottweilers should never be compared to any other breed.

These reasons, and others, can be summarized in 3 points:

1. That’s How Your dog Likes it

Rottweilers are unique individuals with different personalities. If your dog is not barking, it could be simply that’s how his personality is. That’s how he likes things to be.

As I mentioned above, barking is not Rottweilers’ forte. It is quite normal for a Rottie not to bark. They don’t need to.

Instead, they intimidate with their size and growling when needed. When not, they are quiet and minding their own business.

2. It Has to Do With Age

If you owned your Rottweiler for a while and with time started to bark less and less, then age could be the reason.

Rottweilers tend to bark less when they get older in age.

That’s, most of the time, due to some hearing difficulties. They don’t hear all the suspicious sounds as they used to. As a result, they bark less. Only when they hear something not familiar.

If your dog is older than 5 years old, then that’s most likely the reason why he is not barking as he used to. A visit to the vet for diagnosis would be nice.

3. Medical Condition

I hope this is not the case. I wish all the best for your baby. But it is one of the reasons many dogs stop barking suddenly.

If your Rottie is not old and used to bark, but suddenly is not barking anymore for no reason, then there could be a medical condition causing that.

Medical conditions vary in dogs. Mostly have to do with the dog’s vocal system.

I recommend paying your vet a visit for a diagnosis as soon as possible. Only a vet can know for sure whether your dog is suffering from a medical condition or not.

If that’s the case, he’ll know what to do next. Such medical conditions are no joke. They should be taken seriously.

What To Do if My Rottweiler Doesn’t Bark?

While it’s most likely just your dog’s personality that’s making him not barking so much, it is always a good thing to make sure your dog isn’t in pain and is doing well.

Avoiding pain should be your main goal. You don’t want your baby to suffer.

There are some steps you should take if your Rottweiler is not barking:

1. Make Sure It’s Not a Medical Condition

While it’s pretty normal for a Rottweiler not to bark, if your dog stopped barking suddenly, you should take action.

Your first goal should be making sure your dog is not experiencing any pain. You should pay close attention to every behavior of your dog and look for any signs of pain.

If you notice anything unfamiliar, a quick visit to the vet is needed.

Hopefully, nothing is wrong with your baby and it’s just your Rottweiler likes being quit. He has all the right to be so.

2. If a Puppy: Give him More Time

If you just got a puppy and noticed he’s not barking as you have expected, then there is nothing to worry about.

Puppies tend to bark less. They are still not confident. Give your puppy more time before he can bark at strangers and other dogs.

But please, don’t try to force anything on your baby. He’ll learn how to bark with time.

Meanwhile, provide enough care and attention for the puppy.

3. Socialize

If your dog is quit all the time, then maybe he needs some socializing.

Whether it will help with barking or not, it is always recommended to have some playtime with your dog at the local park.

You dog needs as well to meet new dogs. Socializing is important for dogs.

Long Story Short

There could be many reasons why your Rottweiler is not barking. However, unlike other dog breeds, Rottweilers by nature are not big barkers. They weren’t bred to bark and make noise. They naturally tend to bark less than other dogs. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions if you are not sure.

Make sure, first, your dog is not experiencing any pain. If he’s healthy and happy, then you shouldn’t worry about this barking thing. Forget it and just enjoy your time with your baby.

That’s how Rottweilers feel comfortable. They don’t bark a lot, and that’s okay.

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I'm a proud dog mom and a blogger at DogMomHub. I have lived with dogs since I was a kid. I love reading, wine, and writing about dogs.
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