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Why is My Golden Retriever so Needy?

Why is My Golden Retriever so Needy?

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Does your Golden Retriever follow you everywhere you go? Does your puppy lick you all the time seeking attention? Are you wondering why is your Golden Retriever so Needy?

You are not alone. Most people notice the same pattern when they spend time with a Golden Retriever for the first time.

Sometimes, the behavior can become very annoying. Most Goldens owners report some kind of clinginess in their babies. Some are really concerned and think maybe this is a sign of something hurting their dogs.

In this article, I will help you understand why your Golden baby is this needy and seeking your attention all the time. The good news is, you don’t have to worry. Nothing is wrong with your dog as you may have thought.

Why is My Golden Retriever so Needy?

There could be many possible reasons behind your Golden Retriever’s being needy and clingy. You should keep a close eye on your dog and try to spot any symptoms of anything that could be causing pain.

However, before jumping to that, you should keep in mind that Golden Retrievers are very attached to their owners. Your Golden may be following you all the time everywhere you go, licking you all the time. It’s totally normal. In fact, it’s typical behavior of Goldens.

Keep in mind!

Your Golden may be following you all the time everywhere you go. It’s totally normal. In fact, it’s typical behavior of Goldens.

Unless your dog’s behavior has changed suddenly, you should just live your life and get the idea out of your head. It’s how these adorable creatures as meant to be.

These are the 3 most common reasons Goldens become needy:

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1. Newly Separated From Mother

The most common reason why Golden Retrievers, especially puppies, become clingy and needy is separation.

If your dog is still young and was recently separated from his mother, then that’s more than likely the reason why he’s clingy to you.

Your boy, or girl, will grow and stop being so needy. Just be patient and enjoy it while you can.

2. Negative Past Experiences

This is the case only if you got your baby from a bad breeder or old owner. If you are sure the puppy had a good owner. You should rule this option out.

Bad past experiences may lead to the dog being needy. If the puppy was abused in the past, then clinginess may be a result.

This mainly happens when you get a dog as a young adult. In which case the dog had lived with a different owner for a while, who could have abused the dog.

The good news is, the dog now is in a safe place and has a caring owner. He’s definitely happier now.

3. Your Dog Simply Wants Attention

Hopefully, this is the case and not the ones above.

It could be simply that your dog wants your attention. Why wouldn’t you give more attention to your baby?

Dogs are unique individuals just like us. It could simply be that your dog’s personality involves attention-seeking. It’s not something bad.

4. Your Dog is In Pain

Another possible reason why your dog is becoming clingy could be he’s experiencing some kind of pain.

That could be your dog’s way to let you know. While it’s not always the case, it’s worth mentioning. You should keep a close eye on your baby and look for any unfamiliar sign.

If you believe he’s suffering, then your next stop should the vet. It’s better safe than sorry.

What Should I Do if my Golden Retriever is Clingy?

Thankfully, neediness is not something bad. It is typical of Golden Retrievers to be attached to the owner all the time. They are often called velcro dogs. They follow you wherever you go like your shadow.

Males Goldens tend to be more needy than females. So if your dog is a boy, you should just relax. That’s how boys are.

You don’t really have to do anything other than treating your baby nicely and care for him. That’s all he wants from you. He’s probably enjoying following you everywhere and expects you to be happy as well.

Most of the articles online are written by people who never owned a Golden Retriever. They project what they know about other breeds on Goldens. That’s wrong. Your baby is special.

Consider Training if your dog is annoying

If the behavior is annoying and causing you problems, then you definitely should consider an obedience training class.

It won’t change his desire to be with you, but it will make him respect your decision when you wanna be left alone.

Positive reinforcement works like magic. Learning basic commands to sit, relax, or walk, could make your life much better.

Training courses cost money, but they pay off at the end of the day.

Long Story Short

Being needy and following you everywhere is part of Golden Retrievers’ personality, especially males. It shouldn’t be concerning you by itself. It doesn’t necessarily affect the dog’s wellbeing.

You only should be worried if your dog’s personality changed suddenly for no apparent reason. Which may be a sign of something you are unaware of.

There are many possible reasons why your Golden Retriever is needy. They all boil down to either a past negative experience, separation anxiety, or simply your baby needs your attention.

Most of these reasons are not something you should worry about. They don’t affect your baby’s welfare in any way. they can be addressed and dealt with over time.

As I always say, make sure your dog is healthy and is not in pain, and just relax.

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