Why is My Golden Retriever So Short?

Why My Golden Retriever Short

You probably noticed that your golden retriever is shorter than other dogs of the same breed and was wondering why is my Golden Retriever so short?

Maybe you think that you are doing something wrong. Probably thought your diet is not right?

In fact, it’s pretty normal and common for Golden Retriever to be short. In this article, I’ll show you all the reasons why your baby may be shorter than his friends.

On average, adult male Golden Retrievers are around 23-24 inches high. While females are a bit shorter; 21.5-22.5 inches.

What could be the reasons that makes your Golden Retriever short?

Why is My Golden Retriever So Short?

1. Young Age

The main factor for any dog’s height is age. It goes without saying. If he/she is a puppy, they won’t be as tall as you would love.

If you believe your dog is shorter than he should be, give him more time. Not all puppies grow at same pace. He’ll grow bigger and taller.

2. Genetics

Just like in humans, genetics play a big role in determine the height.

If your dog is meant to be shorter, then he’ll be short no matter what you do. And that’s totally okay. You shouldn’t worry.

It’s pretty normal. Dogs, like humans, are different. Some are tall and some are short.

3. European Lines

Another reason why your Golden Retriever is short, is that he may have some European blood.

European Golden Retriever, know as English Cream Golden Retriever, are slightly shorter than their American friends.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are lighter than American Goldens.

If your dog is lighter, then he’s of European ancestry, which explains his relatively shortness.

This is actually good news. Your dog is just fine. He’s just European.

Woof woof *in British accent*

But it wasn’t Always Short?

If your Golden Retriever wasn’t always short, but suddenly became shorter than what he used to be, then there could be different reasons.

However, you gotta make sure first it’s not just an impression.

Sometimes, we perceive height in the wrong way. You could be wrong. It could be the hair loss. Which is a different issue.

To avoid a wrong impression, take measurements of your dog for a month before making your mind.

What To Do if Your Golden Retriever is Short?

1. Diet

If your Golden Retriever is a puppy and still going through the growth stages. You need to make sure the diet is rich enough in all necessary components for growth and development.

Your puppy needs a rich diet to help him grow bigger and taller.

2. Visit A Vet

While it’s almost rare, if you think that your young dog (not a puppy but not an adult) hasn’t always been short. It may be a sign of some health issue. The best thing to do is to pay a visit to the vet.

A vet will decide whether something is wrong with your dog or not.

Final Words:

As long as your dog in good health and shows no signs of any illness; height shouldn’t be an issue, and you shouldn’t worry about it.

You should keep feeding your Golden Retriever a balanced diet, and exercise enough. This way your dog will be healthy and less likely to get sick.

If you see any unfamiliar signs, you should visit the vet as soon as possible.

And remember, all dogs no matter what breed, size or color, deserve our unconditional love and care.

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