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Can Golden Retrievers Live Outside? 4 Tips If You Had To

Can Golden Retrievers Live Outside? 4 Tips If You Had To

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Golden Retrievers are one of the most loyal and smart dogs in the world. They are very attached to the owner and can’t get away.

If you are traveling or living in a small house, you may be considering leaving your dog outside, and are probably wondering whether Golden Retrievers can survive outdoor or not.

Theoretically, Golden Retrievers can live and survive outside. In this article, I will dive into this question and explain all the scenarios.

Can Golden Retrievers live Outside?

Yes. Golden Retriever dogs can live outside. They can survive outdoors. They are used to living with other dogs.

However, Goldens are an indoor dog breed because of their owners. If your Golden could talk, he’d choose to stay inside the house and not outside.

The main reason behind this is that Goldens love being next to their owners. Your Golden would be happier inside next to you. Goldens bond fast with the owner. Once a Golden is attached to someone, it’s hard for him to get away.

They are pack dogs. They love to live in packs and need a leader to feel comfortable. They consider their owner their leader, that’s why your dog follows you wherever you go.

He thinks you are the pack leader. He trusts your decisions like he’d trust a leader dog in a pack of 15 dogs.

Should I keep My Golden Retriever Outside?

No, you shouldn’t, but it depends. If you are forced to then it’s okay.

You can keep your Golden outside if you have to for a short period of time. Goldens can survive, most of the time, outside.

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However, it is not always the case. In many cases, your dog could get hurt by staying outside. It could be very tough out depending on where you live.

Is It Safe To Live A Puppy Retriever Outside?

No. Don’t do it. NEVER!

While adult Golden Retrievers can stay outside, puppies can’t. It’s too dangerous and risky for them. You should keep your Golden puppy inside, or with you, all time.

Leaving a puppy outside your house, other than for playing, could lead to traumatizing experiences. You really don’t want that to your baby, do you?

Puppies, in the learning and development phase, should be next to you all the time. This is mainly to protect them from any danger, and also to teach them good behaviors.

When Should I Keep My Golden Outside?

Ideally, you should avoid leaving your dog outside when it’s cold or snowing. Goldens, and dogs in general, can tolerate cold to only a certain point. Above that, it can cause problems.

So leaving your Golden outside during winter is a big no.

If your home has a backyard, summer would be the perfect time to let your Golden spend the night outside. Maybe it’s hot inside, it’s okay to let your dog spend a couple of nights under the blue sky.

While your dog is outside, try to keep an eye on him. Don’t just forget his existence.

If you are leaving town, ask a friendly neighbor to do it, or maybe install a surveillance camera.

How Can I Make Sure My Golden Retriever is Safe Outside?

There may be occasions when you need to keep your Golden outside. It’s okay if it’s gonna be for a short period of time. To make sure your dog will be safe and happy, make sure you provide the following:

1. Provide Dog Kennel

This is very important. You can’t just leave your dog outside with no dog house. You need to provide a kennel to protect your dog from the sun or the rain.

2. Provide Enough Food and Water

It doesn’t matter if it’s one night or a week, make sure you provide enough water and food for the dog.

Don’t forget to get an no-spill water bowl. Dogs tend to spill their water.

3. Provide Toys For Entertainment

Your dog will need some entertainment when you are away. Make sure you leave some toys for him to have fun with.

Treats would be awesome.

4. Make Sure the Yard is Secure

This is very important. Make sure the yard is very secure and safe, that stray dogs can’t access.

If you live in an area next to a forest, make sure there are no bears, and that they can’t access the yard.


Yes, Golden Retrievers can live outside. However, they can’t, and shouldn’t, live permanently outside a house. They are attached to their owner and can’t be kept away for long periods of time.

The case with puppies is different. They should NEVER be left outside or away from your eyesight. If you can’t take your puppy with you, leave him with a friend or a family member you trust.

In case you need to keep your dog outside for a short period, for whatever reason, there are condition that should be met before you take the decision.

Make sure you provide a kennel and enough water and food, and most importantly, make sure the yard is safe and secure.

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